Icon Tire - Tread with Confidence

Still using the penny test? For decades drivers have learned to measure tread depth using the "penny test." Using this method, a driver would stick a penny into the tire tread and if Washington's forehead is seen, the tread is dangerously worn. However, new insight is showing that even the penny test is off and a higher depth is needed in order to stop a vehicle in wet or snowy conditions.

The answer? Visual, color coded indicators, like those found on Icon Tires.

Icon Tires represent the top level of safety and value by employing patent-pending Visual Tire Performance Indicators (VTPI). Built into the tread of the tire, VTPI's color coding system gives drivers an easy reference point for tire wear, increasing performance and safety at a glance. Based on whether the indicator is black, yellow or red, a driver can instantly see when performance is compromised in various driving conditions. With the help of the VTPIs, motorists are empowered to make critical decisions regarding their driving habits and the replacement of worn tires.

How does it work?

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